Publication Charge and Waiver Policy Statement

  • The Journal of Physical Education is non-profit and open access, thus it there is no need to pay fees to access reading or downloading.
  • Publication fees for authors inside and outside of Iraq for a single manuscript (12 pages) are (120000) Iraqi Dinars, equivalent to (100) US Dollars, and these fees are cover publication costs.
  • The authors from Arab and foreign countries with low income are exempted from publishing fees, and the journal bears the publication costs, in support of scientific research.
  • No payment is required until the manuscript is acceptance for publication, and that will not effect on any editorial decisions.
  • For the authors inside Iraq, manuscript publication fees are received in Iraqi dinar by the journal’s accountant.
  • For the authors outside of Iraq, No payment is required for the year (2020), and the publication is full free of charge to support scientific publication.