Reviewer Registering

Registering as a reviewer

All academics from Iraqi, Arabic, and foreign universities can register in the Journal of Physical Education website as a reviewer according to the following steps:

  • Enter the following website for registration in the Journal of Physical Education.

  • We strongly recommend choosing the three options below when registering in order to be registered as approved reviewer as well as to get a free electronic copy of each issue sent to your email, so you should full the reviewing interests’ (scope of reviewer’s specialization) as in the picture below.

  • After registering the account and logging into it, the screen below will appear and the manuscript sent to you for reviewing will appear in it too. So when sending the manuscript, you will receive a message via your e-mail informing you.


For more details about manuscript reviewing method electronically, please read the guidelines on Manual of Open Journal Systems-OJS. (Chapter 15: Reviewing).