The degree of bullying among participants and non-participants in sports activities

  • Khalid Abdallah Hammouri
  • Jehad Mahmoud Rawabdeh
Keywords: bullying, students participating in sports activities, students not participating in sports activities, athletically gifted.


This study aimed to recognize the degree of practicing bullying among the participants and non-participants in the sports activities, the study sample consisted of students of both levels: the basic high level and the secondary level in the schools of education directorate of Al-Teeba and Al-Wasateih in Irbid governorate, who numbered (279) students were chosen randomly, (124) of the gifted students, and who enrolled in all collective and individual sports competitions. Also (155) male and female students who were not enrolled in sports activities, during the second semester of the academic year 2018-2019. To achieve the study’s goals, the researchers adopted the Descriptive Approach through used statistical & analytic methods.  as well as the school bullying scale from researchers’ preparation, was used, the study results indicated the following: the degree of practicing the bullying among the students who participated and not participated in the sports activities was moderate. there are statistically significant differences (α≥0.05) due to the effect of gender in the total degree of bullying scale and the differences  were in favor of males, and there are statistical significant differences (α≥ 0.05) due to the category in the total degree of bullying scale, and the differences were in favor of non-participants category.

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